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Projify offers advanced calendar support. Each project can have any number of calendars for different purposes; such as a project calendar, appointment calendar and booking of conference rooms.

In the day view, week view, and month view with support for drag-and-drop you can easily plan activities in time. Read more about the calendar

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Our ticket/issue management can be used in several ways - we like to group the tickets on milestones that can be planned out in time. Tickets are used to represent everything that is done in the project and are distributed among members of the project. Follow all the tickets and their status with the help of reports and lists that summarize the project's progress. Read more about our ticket management!

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Files and Documents

Projify provides a simple web based file manager.

Documents are organized into appropriate folders and can be easily moved among folders. Read more about Documents and Blogs!

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Projify offers a full-fledged blog support with countless uses. We use blogs for diaries, discussion, news, and much more.

Upload files and images to posts and, as with most things in Projify, it is possible to discuss each post, which makes blogging more useful.

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And much more...

We could go on and line up all the things you can do in Projify, but we suggest you try them out yourself!

Choose a price plan that suits you, or create a free project - then upgrade if the project needs to grow.

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We use the same high level of encryption that your Internet bank uses!

A major goal we have is that everyone should feel safe when using Projify. To maintain a safe and secure place for you to run your projects in, Projify uses SSL. This is a technology that prevents others from intercepting the web traffic between your computer and Projify. Projify uses a certificate signed by the independent company Verisign. Our servers are our own, placed in locked and secure locations. We use an advanced server solution where there is redundancy in all layers. If a physical server goes down for some reason, you will normally not even notice it. And most important, we take regular backups of all your data!

Web-based case/ticket management, TODO, case management and help desk

Projify is a web-based ticket/case management system that handles basic tasks around helpdesk, bug reporting, task management systems, case online, bug reports, change requests as a team need! We offer both internal blogs, booking, calendar systems, case management systems, document management systems - all within Projify - Simplified project management. There are both free and paid version. Choose your price plan and get started today! Start off with your new free case management system and upgrade to premium whenever you need. The service is available in Swedish, English, Polish and German.